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Applications To Set Aside Court Judgments


A court judgment may be placed on your credit report after an order from the courts has been made. Having a court judgment listed on your credit report may last up to a period of 5 years and will have an adverse impact when applying for finance as lenders or credit providers will look at you as high risk.


If the judgment has been paid, if you didn’t know about it or if there is any other valid reason as to why the negative information on your credit report should be removed then we will need to act promptly for you to ensure readily available ease in terms of access to finance.


The process may involve negotiations with the creditor and issuing demands upon the creditor and the credit reporting bodies to remove the negative information from your credit file. Alternatively, the process may require an application made to the court for an order that the creditor and the reporting agency remove the negative information from your credit file. 


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